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Zegna Shoes Off White Deerskin Triple Stitch Sneakers-White/Vicuna

$54.99 35% Off
The Triple Stitch is a refined Leisure Shoe that embodies Ermenegildo Zegna's heritage, showcasing the iconic triple crossing-elastic detail which mimics three hand stitches. The slip-on fit and the lightweight, flexible rubber outsole make wearing these leather lined off white deerskin sneakers with Vicuna colored accents easy, providing optimal comfort. The iconic XXX detail on the spoiler adds a signature touch.

Fit and Measurement

• Crossing elastics
• Leather lining
• XXX detail on the spoiler
• Extra light rubber sole
• Made in Italy
• Fits true to size
• Comes with a shoe bag

How to Measure the Product's Size?
1. Foot Length
Measure the maximum length of your foot.
2. Ball Girth
Wrap a tape to measure around the widest part of your foot.