About Us

Hi, guys! My name is Bruno, an unknown painter, and I have been working as an illustrator for 27 years. When I was doing my paintings in my small studio many years ago, only my dog Vert accompanied me. Although Vert has left me for almost ten years, I can still clearly remember that monotonous but happy time. Brunovert for me is a commemoration of this happy time in the past.

Now I also use some of my previous works and some nice patterns I found on some T-shirts and sweatshirts in my clothing store. I think patterns are a way for us to express our attitude towards life and the things we love. We like and recognize these beautiful things, so we wear them on. My friend and I have carefully selected the best quality fabrics in the market to make our clothes. We hope that everyone can spend less money to buy more comfortable and nice-looking clothes. We hope that all of you can get the nice graphic shirts your like in Brunovert. Enjoy your shopping in Brunovert!